New York City Transit Automated Train Supervision Support At The Rail Control Center

New York City Transit Automated Train Supervision Support At The Rail Control Center

The Automatic Train Supervision System for the New York City Transit A division is installed and operating in the New York City Transit Rail Control Center (RCC). The ATS-A System in New York is unique in its complexity, controlling 45 interlockings and can assign remote 29 consoles functional control by authorized RCC personnel. The project achieved Beneficial Use March 28, 2008 and Substantial Completion on September 1, 2008.

The Rail Control Center utilizes ATS for central traffic control, automatic routing and dispatching, automatic vehicle identification and real-time train tracking. Additionally the System has been interfaced with systems external to ATS such as Incident Reporting System (SIRS), Car Mileage AS400, Fire Incident Reporting System, Fire Safety System, Train Scheduling System as well as other systems. The System capability also includes synchronized playback of voice and data and simulation.

The ATS-A System also includes an integrated communications switch (ICS) utilizing PENTA data communications. The PENTA Subsystem includes the PENTA PCX switch, Voice Recorders, Auto Attendant, TDS (Train Dispatcher Intercom System) and Train Radio communications including all hardware and software to control and record all communications between RCC workstations, various field devices and other ATS-A workstations. The ICS integrates voice, radio and data communications within the ATS-A System and operates on a separate network from the ATS-A System and is integrated at the console level.

Siemens Transportation Systems Integrated Services provides 24/7 support to NYCT to keep the systems fully operational. LB Transportation Consulting provides qualified System Administrators to both Siemens and their subcontractor General Electric Transportation Global Systems.

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